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Anagata Token, Together To Make The World Greener

Whether we realize it or not, climate change has occurred and the negative impact in the form of severe flooding has been felt by residents in various parts of Indonesia and many other countries around the world (Germany, Italy, Turkey, India, Malaysia, China, Angola, Brazil, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Australia, etc.), as well as extreme droughts in the African region. High CO2 affects the level of rainfall to be very high which causes flooding in the areas of Jakarta, Bali, East Java, Palembang and many other areas. It is very important to make concrete efforts to reduce CO2 levels, which can be achieved through your participation with Anagata token.

The Anagata token is a real action to achieve the dream of creating a greener archipelago. This is great task in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) through a series of important efforts that we call green projects. Furthermore, the mission of the Anagata token is to monitor changes of Indonesia’s energy form into energy that has business value and provides sustainable support globally through sustainable and permanent economic value added.

In the next five years, Anagata token will concentrate in collaborating to support energy needs in Indonesia. We are concentrating in increasing the amount of renewable energy by 2025. For example, the Anagata token is already involved in large scale solar PV projects and a carbon trade base that will trigger future strategic projects. We believe that Indonesia as a country that is below the equator, Indonesia has the great potential for solar power plants that could generate as much as 207 gigawatts, with an estimated value of USD +140 billion, with the potential of CO2 reduction of billions of tons. In addition, the presence of Anagata  token is also expected to have an impact on ecological preservation efforts, while also reducing the damage that has been done by humans so far.

Anagata token supports the acceleration of CO2 reduction in Indonesia, other Asian countries and globally in the coming 10 years. Therefore, we are also open in collaborating with communities or groups who share the same passion. We believe that renewable green energy and the spirit of empowerment carried out will be a tribute to life on earth.

Take the decision to participate with Anagata token, for a greener archipelago. All activities and projects that will be developed will be informed on regular bases, whereas the results will be impactful in real life.

Finally, we wish you a Happy New Year 2022! Let’s make the earth greener from now on.




Anagata Token Team

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