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Anagata (AHA) Token 1553% Oversubscribed !

Anagata Token (AHA), a green token for carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction through green energy projects. It was oversubscribed by 1553% at its launch on November 2, 2023 at 5:00 pm GMT.

A total of 2,122 participants joined the AHA launch, with a total USDT subsidy of 543,875.39 USDT, well above the initial target of 35,000 USDT.

The successful launch of the AHA shows that there is strong investor interest in green and sustainable projects in the blockchain industry. AHA is expected to play an important role in helping reduce carbon dioxide emissions and combat climate change.

The launch of AHA trading on cryptocurrency exchanges is an important milestone for the project. It will allow investors to freely buy and sell AHA tokens, and increase token liquidity.

Anagata hopes that the launch of AHA trading will further raise awareness among the public about the importance of green and sustainable projects.

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